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Recently, I read a short but interesting report entitled “The State of Healthcare in the United States” (CVSHealth, 2017). The report is based on an online survey of a national sample of 2,201 adults.
The report says that, when it comes to attitudes towards the country’s healthcare system, the majority of the sample use the word “sad”, “pessimistic” and “angry”. Only 39% say that the healthcare system makes them feel optimistic. Around 65% say that the healthcare system is too expensive; 73% agree that the system is in need of reform.
The silver lining in the survey is that 52% of American parents say they are optimistic their children will have better healthcare in the future; and that advances in healthcare will make lives safer and will result in longer lives.
A couple of months ago, we read in the news that Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett and Jamie Dimon want to fix healthcare and address the issue of rising healthcare costs. For that purpose, they will offer health insurance options to US workers and families.
The American spirit has always been known for innovation and optimism. This new announcement might be yet another innovative way to tackle healthcare issues? I am optimistic!

Best Regards, 
Nizar Wehbi, MD, FACHE
Regent for Nebraska & Western Iowa

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